Saturday, May 26, 2012

We are 7 weeks old now and will soon be going to our new homes.  We have met many of our new families and they are all sooooooo nice!  Some of us have gotten new names and we really like them.  Wolverine is now Jax, Magneto is now Louie.  We all know that Pola used to be called Rogue.  The rest of us have not gotten new names yet.  We got to meet a sweet little Staffy girl named Stella.  She was a lot of fun and she is going to be Jax's big sister.  Louie is going to have a big sister too!  Her name is Macy.  She is our Grandma Mitzy's half sister, so she is our Great Aunt. 
Auntie Claudia came over and took grown-up table pictures of us.  We felt like we were big dogs!  Some of us stood real good and some of us were a little squirmy, but it was fun.  We got to eat smoked fish this week.  Boy was it yummy.  We also learned that when Cindy says "Here", we get little doggie cookies.  We all come running when she says "Here".  We sure love it outside.  We play so hard that we sleep for hours after we come in.  We play hide and seek in the playsets and tug with the toys.  It's great!
Jax (Wolverine) standing oh so pretty!

Louie (Magneto) looking like a show dog!

Jayne acting like he's done this before!

Gambit, Mr Wrinkles!

Little Miss Pola would rather be eating her fish!

Xavier showing off his brindle side!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Wolverine and Magneto

Nuala and Child (Not sure which one)






Magneto, Xavier and Gambit




Snack time!


We have been outside three times so far.  The outside is totally awesome.  We played in the Little Tykes playsets and ate grass and found sticks to chew on.  It was great.  The sun felt soooo good on our coats and we can't believe just how big the world is.   Life is Good!
OMG....we met some of our new famlies this weekend.  It was wonderful.  We all tried to be as cute as we could and I think we really made an impression on everyone!  We can't wait until we are old enough to stay with them permanently, they were all soooooooo nice!  Here we are meeting Grampa Andy.  He is sure nice.

Friday, May 4, 2012

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1st Born Wolverine at 3 1/2 weeks Old

Wolverine..why must we take photos!

2nd Born Magneto looking rather smug!

Magneto..which ones the stuffed cow?

Jayne...ok, so I forgot to rotate the photo before I uploaded it.

3rd Born Fuzzy Sideways Jayne

4th Born Gambit, also sideways.  Sigh...

Gambit snoozing after a tummy full of puppy gruel!

5th Born Little Miss Rogue, now known as Pola!

Pola getting ready to nap!

6th Born Xavier...the little guy!

Xavier...the first to open his eyes and walk!