Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Summer Fun Has Begun

Well the pups are now 7 weeks old. They have discovered that being outside is simply the best. The yard is full of very interesting things like grass and bugs and birds and the best thing of all...DIRT. They also discovered that dirt is extremely fun to dig in. The pups love the Little Tikes playsets and play hide and seek all the time. We emptied the doggie pool for safety reasons, much to Andy, Mitzy and Nuala dismay. Cathal doesn't mind. He would rather go sit in the dry pool instead of when it is full of water. Andy loves showing the pool to the kids.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

More 5 Week Old Photos

Here are more photos of the pups at 5 weeks old.

A little backwards - Pups at 5 Weeks

Couldn't download these photos before, so I couldn't post them on time. I just wanted to let you see the pups at 5 weeks of age.

Summer Fun

My how time does fly. The pups will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. They have grown so much and are such a joy. They made their first trip outside today and they really had a great time. They loved the castle and enjoyed sliding down the slide. Mitzy and Andy joined them in their romp and brought toys over to them to play with. Andy was trying to show them the pool, we had to explain to him that they were too young for that yet. He was so good with the "kids". I think both he and Mitzy will miss them when they leave. The whelping box was removed from the puppy room, so they have more space to wrestle. They are all eating very well and Mitzy is spending less and less time with them. Their personallities are really starting to come. They have met their potential families and they all agree that they are all very nice people. They can't wait to see them again!

First time outside - Yipee

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Aisling!!!.... Yes, the little girl was the first out of the whelping box. The smallest pup! Here is what she has to say. "Well, you know, girls are more mature than boys, so what did you expect." "Yes, I know I'm the smallest, but I am the smartest."

Ailchu was the first back in the whelping box. Now they are all in and out, much to mother Mitzy's dismay. The whelping box will be removed and Mitzy will only be with them in the evening as we continue to wean the pups. They love their new food, but they still like to snack with Mom.

A Brief Update

Sorry for no news in a while. We are having trouble downloading photos from the camera to the computer. I hope to get it working soon. In the meantime, the pups are growing rapidly. They are really starting to develop their personalities. They all are so very active and are really starting to bond to people. They go for their first vaccinations on Monday. Wow time sure flies. So stay tuned and think happy thoughts that our dear computer decides it will work for a change.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Places we've been, people we've seen!

This week we met some of our soon to be new families. Boy are they nice! They all held us and cuddled with us. We gave out puppy kisses and love bites with our new SHARP teeth. We can't wait to see them all again. We are really going to have a hard time picking our people because they are all so wonderful. When we get into one of our "Puppy Piles" we all talk about who we met and which family we want to live with. Well, we would take them all if we could, but we don't think they would fit in our whelping box. So for now we will just dream about our new homes and the special people we met this week.
Love to you all!
The Puppies

PS. We are 4 weeks old today...Happy One Month Birthday to us!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Look at Me!

PhotobucketThis is Aimhirghin, at only a few days old and the pictures below are him at three weeks... Amazing!

Wish we had cake...

Hey Alicea...

We would really like to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! We are sending you lots of puppy kisses.


The Puppies

If we were there...

Aindreas would have sang a birthday song....

Ailchu would have loved to play games... Aising would have been a little princess... Anrothan would have helped eat cake (he loves to eat)...

and, Aimhirghin would also love to play games...

Got Milk?

So the puppies tried formula for the first time this Monday. They found it to be very yummy! A little messy, but uuummm good. Before long they will be eating real puppy food. They are starting to develop their personalities. They still have a way to go before their true personalities come forth, but we are already seeing small tidbits of what is to come. And TEETH, they have teeth, soon to be sharp little teeth. They now have three new toys besides Mr. Ducky. A ball, a crackle rattle and a stuffed barbell toy. They like to climb on each other and pull the toys around. Mitzy is not tired of them yet. She is still being a wonderful, caring mother. Three weeks starts what is called the “First Fear Period” that the pups will go through. Though we are introducing them to new stimuli, we will be very careful not to do anything that will cause them pain or fear that will hold over to when they become adults. This means no vaccinations or microchips during this two week period.

We have made it to week three and now we can meet new people. We have had such an exciting weekend and week. We have meet some really nice people! We have had such an exciting weekend. These pictures are of us on our first trip out of the whelping box. Wow, is the living room a great place to visit! We are all becoming adventurers now that we are starting to walk.

~The Puppies

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ear Poll

Well we really can't say who was right on the "Who will open their ears first?" poll. All the pups pretty much opened their ears at the same time. They are currently listening to Classical music, but now that their ears are open, we will start playing the music chosen in the last poll.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Now that we are getting big and strong we are really starting to play. Here is a video of us romping around the whelping box.

(it's not that great and the music you hear in the video is the radio...the pups are still listening to classical)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Don't forget to check the archives if your just following the blog now. There are some great early photos of the pups and it's fun to see how much they've grown!

Smilebox Instructions

Just a little info for everyone. When you see a Smilebox on the blog, just click on the "PLAY" button and you will see a cute slide show of the puppies. The Smilebox is like the post before this one. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Puppy Facts

As you can see in the individual puppy photos, all the pups have their eyes open. They are all standing and walking around the whelping box. They can bark and growl and they have started mouthing each other. Every day they will progress and develop more personality. Some time after they turn 3 weeks, I will introduce them to formula and rice cereal. They will still nurse, but we will begin adding the gruel to start them on the weaning process. They are all very content little puppies. They hardly make a sound....yet! I know that will change soon. LOL. After they turn 3 weeks, they will be allowed limited visitations. They seem to be very accepting of people and love to be held and cuddled.

Dad Update

First I would like to thank everyone for all your thoughts and prayers for my Dad, however, I need to clear up the facts. I forgot that everyone knows my daughter, Melania, started and updated the blog. Last week she showed me how to do it, so since then I have been doing the updates. Sooooo when I posted that my Dad had a stroke, some of you thought it was my husband, Dave, who had the stroke, thinking Melania was still updating. My fault, I should have clarified that. Anyway, Dad is doing remarkably well. He has no paralysis, it all went away. He does get confused a bit, but we hope that will get better with time. He is still in the hospital in Milwaukee and getting wonderful care. Thank you all again for your concern.

Now and Before

Just a little size comparison here. One picture shows the pups on the day they were born and the other shows them at two weeks old. This will give you a little visual of how they have grown.


I am Ailchu and I was the last born. I look a lot like my sister, we could almost be twins, but I am a lot bigger. I am strong and can walk around the whelping box. I can bark and make little Stafford noises. My favorite food is Mom's milk, but I think next week we are going to try some formula with rice cereal. Yummy! My name is pronounced El khu.


Aisling here! and I am the little princess of the litter. My big brothers protect me, but since I'm small, I can sneak in and nurse easier than they can. I am so cute and petite. I was the first one to fully open my eyes, so I think that makes me smarter than my brothers. I was also the first to wag my tail. You can pronounce my name like this: ASH leeng.


My name is Aimherghin and I am the third born son. I am the only puppy with a white leg and I also have a black spot on my belly. My humans call it the push start button. I'm the pup that is laying in Melania's hands in the first photo. I like to snuggle and give kisses. My name is pronounced AV er yin.