Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1st Born Wolverine at 3 1/2 weeks Old

Wolverine..why must we take photos!

2nd Born Magneto looking rather smug!

Magneto..which ones the stuffed cow?

Jayne...ok, so I forgot to rotate the photo before I uploaded it.

3rd Born Fuzzy Sideways Jayne

4th Born Gambit, also sideways.  Sigh...

Gambit snoozing after a tummy full of puppy gruel!

5th Born Little Miss Rogue, now known as Pola!

Pola getting ready to nap!

6th Born Xavier...the little guy!

Xavier...the first to open his eyes and walk!

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  1. Your babies are really growing. My Pia had twin ewes yesterday. One is 1 1/2 pounds smaller than the other. Pix on the blog--highridgehighlights.blobspot.com